Difference between an Armoured Car and a Regular Vehicle

Contrary to popular belief, armored cars or vehicles are not just used by politicians and celebrities to avoid the public eye while traveling. Armored vehicles are multifunctional and are used by companies and even individuals to transport precious or valuable items and even large amounts of cash. They are used for transporting items and individuals who are better kept away from the knowledge of the public. These people as well as items are far too important to risk being transported in regular, unarmored cars.

Armoured car are completely safe, bulletproof and can withstand highly extreme temperatures. Here is how the making of an armored vehicle is very different from that of a regular car:

Difference in the Raw Materials Used

It is the raw materials that go into the making of an armored car that make it “armored”. The walls, doors, and the ceiling of these cars are made completely from steel, both galvanized and stainless steel. These raw materials give it longevity while making it a protected vehicle for transportation.

The steel is such that it is safe from corrosion and rust. It is also hardened to increase the bullet resistance. This can be done in two ways, either by treating it with high heat or through the addition of chromium and nickel at high levels during the process of forging. Although some regular cars may also be made from stainless steel, the extra processes to make them bulletproof are absent from the making of unarmored cars. Also, unlike in regular cars, the windows in an armored car are made up of various layers of automotive glass or glass mixed up with bullet-resistant plastic. In addition to this, the lining of the armored car is done with fiberglass cloth.armored car

Difference in Design

During the manufacturing of regular cars, the sleek design and safety are two things that have equal importance, and in some cases one might gain precedence over the other. However, when it comes to armored cars the very first thing that is given undivided importance and attention is ballistic resistance of the vehicle. Manufactures of armored cars use hardened steel for its body, the thickness varying with the level of resistance required. As specified above, windows are made of laminated glass which are bullet resistance and can withstand extremely high temperature and force.

Some Important Features

New technologies have allowed the glass to be made even more powerful, while maintaining its light weight. In addition, there are a variety of little details that are paid attention to during its designing and manufacturing. For instance, the windshields are kept an angle of 45 degrees to help in deflection by lowering the wind resistance, should the need arise. The tires too are such which can run flat or deflated for several miles. There are ram bumpers made of steel which can be used as a roadblock and allow the driver to be able to push through a vehicle.Therefore, in simple words, an armored car is very different in making and design from a regular, unarmored vehicle. It can protect you from mishaps, attacks and assaults, and volatile areas where your life is in danger. Get you armored protection now! Check this new light, fast personnel carrier here.