Car rental options in Toronto offer the chance to go behind the best wheels in the city, if only for a short duration. If you think about the notion of calling a cab in a new city like Toronto or the so called Uber black cars don’t meet your standards or don’t look too professional, or worry about costs getting out of hand, then you definitely need to try car rental Toronto services. You can drive some of the finest street cars on the market, so long as you can drive and roam the fabulous city of Toronto. Here’s a round-up of luxury car rental Toronto and the different types of rental you can enjoy!

car rental toronto

GTA Exotics

Premium may have you looking at your pockets after the ride, but you’re sure to look ten times better when you roll in. The fleet includes exotic cars and bikes that every rider dreams of. If you’re looking for something even more impressive than a Beamer or an Audi such as Ferrari or Lambo, this is your place to rent. They have plenty of car rental Toronto to choose from. GTA Exotics is your one stop shop to get all the luxury cars in Toronto.


One of the earliest company to offer 24/7 from 10 nearby locations. Their 150 car fleet includes big names like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus. You can typically get the rental price upfront around multiple locations around the GTA. This is a great alternative in case you don’t get the car of your choice at GTA Exotics!

Advantage Car Rental

Advantage Car rental has been Toronto’s premier car rental and truck rental provider since the 1984. They have been in the business for over 30 years and have ensured to maintain the highest customer service standards when it comes to car rental options in Toronto. The biggest “advantage” of renting with Advantage car and truck and rental is the ease of convenience of locations in different parts of GTA. Whether you have a hotel reservation in Mississauga or you are living in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Advantage also offers discounts to Seniors and also has drop off services for your car rental. This makes the new visitor in Toronto convenient to book a car rental and have it dropped off easily!

Choosing the Right Company

There are many car rental companies that have great reputation and services and offer some of the best competitive prices. In the end it comes down to your personal rental experience and how the overall experience was!

You can definitely check with these companies above to find some of the car rental Toronto deals and  have splendid time roaming the streets of Toronto. Learn more about 5 common car rental mistakes here!